Saturday, January 26, 2013

Greater Still

These words have been floating through my head and heart.  It seems like every time I think I have a handle on who my God is, He laughs out loud and blows me away with yet another revelation of His awesomeness.  I have so much left to fact, eternity alone won't be enough time for me to fully grasp the greatness of my God.  It's so cool to worship a God that can't be exaggerated!

Right now I'm reading Romans 1-8 for 30 days, every day.  I've only been going for 6 days now, but already God is showing me so much of who He is and what He has done for me through the cross.  So much doctrine and so many gifts are packed into those 8 chapters that I'm absolutely positive that 30 days....a whole lifetime....could never be enough time to absorb it all.  I'm blown away every day reading how God loved me and chose me before I was ever thought of...of the freedom and victory He has purchased for me to enjoy... of His perfect wisdom in designing this whole, amazing plan of redemption.  I so want to grasp it all, but "it is high, I cannot attain it." 

So I've been praying that God would give me eyes to see His greatness.  I've learned the hard way that I can stare Truth in the face indefinitely and not see the beauty and freedom found in it.  But I've also learned that my God specializes in opening blind eyes.  Only He can reveal Himself to a longing soul, and that's something He delights to do!

I'm praying that the depths of God's character that He reveals to me will expose and overpower any doubts and anxieties in my heart.  It's so easy to become introspective and focus on you...your failings, your inadequacies, your concerns...and forget all about the surpassing greatness of Christ power to the believing soul.  Soaking my mind and heart in these truths are serving to make any doubting and worrying out to be utterly ridiculous...which they are!  This is who I am, who Christ has made me to be.

A few years ago I saw how pathetic and inadequate my own view of God was that I found myself wishing that all knowledge I did have of Him could be obliterated and replaced.  I longed to learn Him all over again, because what I did know was so small.  I'll always be thankful  for that day when God broke apart my castle of sand and began to show me how to build a fortress with His Truth!

Because my God  is greater still!  The universe cannot contain His glory, and the petty little doubts in my heart cannot restrain who He is. 

We could never, ever fully comprehend how utterly amazing He is, and if we ever think we're starting to, He blows us away.

I want spend my life being blow away continually!


  1. Amen! I'm doing the Romans 1-8 thing too! :)
    Amazing how much is in there...
    Oh, and I like your quote things in the sidepanel!!


  2. That's awesome! I think it's so cool that so many people are doing it!
    Glad you like my quotes. :o)
    Blessings as you pursue Him!